Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Humans of the Mount

Getting to Know the Mount Community, One Member at a Time 

     So, I have always been a huge fan of Brandon Stanton's project, Humans of New York, which is a compilation of photos and mini interviews that he has with strangers and passersby in NYC. When I began my internship at my university's Communications Office, I wanted to start a project that I would enjoy doing, would involve the Mount community, and also appeal to prospective students and even people outside of our university.
     That's how this initiative came to be! The account, @humansofthemount had already been started by an organization on campus, so I talked to them and they allowed me to take it over, since they were not planning on posting any more, and I was ready to dedicate the time and effort to make it even better. 
     I have always loved photography, writing, and getting to know people, so I thought I would really enjoy working on this for the semester and that it would go pretty smoothly.  
     Well, when I first began posting, I found it difficult to approach people with my camera and ask for a photo and a quote for the caption... It just seemed so awkward. Sometimes people wouldn't want to be photographed, or they would be in a hurry to be on their way. It was also difficult for me to find time to walk around campus, just hoping to run into someone to talk to, and then think of a question to ask them, on the spot. Since things weren't running as smoothly as I had wanted them to, I was a little discouraged when I first began the project.
     Now I have learned to just go for it and talk to everyone. I have really gotten the hang of it now!  It also helps that the account has gotten more popular on campus lately, so now more and more of the people who I talk to have heard of it, which means that I don't have to explain as much. Some people actually get really excited when I ask if they would like to be featured!
     My favorite part of this project has been getting to know people who I probably would not have gotten the opportunity to talk to if I had not been working on this project. I am also really glad that I can share what they have to say with the entire Mount community over social media. 
     Also, let's face it... I like being able to show off what a gorgeous school I go to and the great people who attend here. 
So if you have not already, please check out @humansofthemount on Instagram or Tumblr 
Stay tuned for more posts!

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