Sunday, March 15, 2015

7 tips for staying in touch

     When I decided to go to college around six hours away from my hometown, the thing I was most nervous about was losing touch with high school friends and family. Luckily, technological advances such as the smart phone and social media have made it much much easier to stay in contact with people who live across the country or across the world from you. 
     Not only have these technologies made it relatively easy to talk to the people that I miss, but they have also allowed me to see them through video, share things through social media, and keep in contact, despite being in a different timezone or continent. Isn't that just amazing?
     So, now that you have realized just how easy it is to stay in touch, here are some tips on how to excel at it:
  1. The "I'm thinking of you" text- What is better than randomly hearing from a friend who lives across the country? My best friend from home and I do not talk every day, but we do exchange a few texts and posts on Facebook a month, just to keep up with each others lives, each starting with something as simple as "HEY" or "HI I MISS YOU WHAT'S UP."
  2. Having a shared Pinterest board with friends- Every time you add a pin can start a new conversation or bring back memories from the good times you've had together. 
  3. Calling/Facetime- I do not get to see my parents very often, so we usually Facetime once a week, just so they can see how I am doing and catch me up on their lives. It is nice to set aside an hour or so to just chat with them.
  4. What's App- This is the best way to stay in contact with someone who lives in a different country. The app allows you to text them without having to pay an extra fee. I still have a group chat with friends that I met in Spain over the summer. 
  5. A good, old-fashioned letter- Getting mail is one of the best feelings in the world, and writing a letter is a great way to let someone know that you are thinking of them, especially in this world where finding stamps and a post office are considered extra hassles. 
  6. Random sharing- One of my very best friends transferred schools at the end of our freshman year, and now attends school in Indiana. He gets to visit my friends and I at our school in Maryland every so often, but our favorite way of keeping in contact in between those times is sending each other links to vines that make us laugh the most. We exchange vines and comments at least three times a week! It's a great way to keep a conversation going with someone who you miss and I always look forward to his latest hilarious discovery. 
  7. Watch a show with someone- I mean, just because you do not live close by each other anymore doesn't mean that you can't have viewing parties of you favorite shows together! Stay in contact with each other during the show or discuss it in great detail over the phone or Skype after you have each watched the latest episode. 
     What are some other ways that you stay in contact with the people you love?

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