Tuesday, January 20, 2015

15 Bucket List Items for the Class of 2015

These four years have gone by even faster than I could have ever imagined. I have tried to cherish every moment and learn from both the good times and the bad times. I have been able to make lasting friends and some great memories during my undergraduate career and the fact that it will soon be coming to an end is both exciting and unsettling.
Although we may not want to admit it, a whole lot of things are going to change after we move out after finals. 
We have to face the fact that we will never see most of our peers and acquaintances again and, like we experienced after high school, we will only keep in touch with a select few of our friends. We will also probably be moving to cities where we will not know almost all the people on our hall and where we will not be best friends with our roommates. 
There is a lot that we will be leaving behind as graduates... so it is time to make the best of our last few months as undergrads.
Here is a list of 15 things I want to do before I walk across the stage at the end of the semester:
  1. Take a group photo with my friends at by our university's sign
  2. Eat at least one more time at our favorite Asian restaurant
  3. Fancy wine and cheese night
  4. Spend an entire snow day playing outside with my friends 
  5. Dance the night away at senior formal (even though it is expensive and probably overrated, just like every other fancy school dance)
  6. Movie marathon with my favorite people
  7. Run a 5K
  8. Watch one more sunrise and one more sunset from the highest point on campus (i.e. from the top of the mountain that I live on). 
  9. Read a good book from start to finish
  10. Hike some of the great trails around my university
  11. Go to the last college night at our local pub
  12. Host a board game night in my apartment
  13. Stargazing during a meteor shower (blankets, shooting stars, good friends, perfection)
  14. Hit up our favorite local thrift shop one last time (mostly for sentimental reasons)
  15. Spend quality time with all the people that I am going to miss the most after graduation  
I have, without a doubt learned a lot about myself during these past four years and I am so glad to have spent them here, with the (mostly) wonderful people that I have met. This last semester is going to fly by, but I am 100% sure that it will be one I will always remember.

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