Friday, September 5, 2014

15 Tips for Freshmen:

The first few weeks of college are full of new experiences, meeting new friends, and growing up. Here are a few tips from a senior, to the freshman class:

  1. Do not sweat the small stuff- These things do not really matter in the long run.
  2. Please take that lanyard off of your neck- Wearing the classic college lanyard around your neck seems like a no-brainer right? Wrong. This act immediately marks you as a freshman. Although nearly every upperclassman has done it in the first few weeks of his or her freshman year, it was quickly learned to be the biggest faux pas a college student could ever make. 
  3.  Do not be afraid to talk to your professors- These brilliant people are here to help you, and they genuinely enjoy seeing you grow and flourish as a student, and as a human being.
  4. Learn how to do your own laundry- It’s about time.
  5.  Beware of procrastination- This demon lurks behind technology screens, right after dinner time, when it is too early to really be worried about impending due dates and homework.
  6.  Participate in club trips- If your university is anything like mine, there are incredible clubs on campus which offer unique and exciting opportunities to try new things. How many people do you know that can say they have gone on a weekend retreat, been caving, and made a daytrip to NYC all in one semester?
  7. Take the time to get to know the library, and the library staff- Honestly, I hardly set foot in the library during my freshman year, and now, I visit it daily. I even have a usual cubical spot. It took me a while to have the courage to ask the library staff for help with finding sources and doing research for projects, but now, I wish I had begun to do that years ago.
  8.  Do not let the drama get to you- It is inevitable, but do not dwell on these issues, young grasshopper.
  9. Get involved on campus like it is your job- This is a fantastic way to build lasting friendships, get to know the university, and gain useful life skills.
  10.  Get to know your surroundings- Even if your university seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, who ever said that there was nothing to do in the middle of nowhere? There are so many amazing adventures to be had, right your backyard.
  11. Take advantage of the workout facilities and fitness classes that are provided- Do you know how much a gym membership costs in the real world?
  12.  Expand your horizons- Join a club that you never would have joined in high school, take an interesting class that has nothing to do with your major, befriend the person you are standing next to in the wrap line.
  13. Take part in your college's traditions-You're one of us now.
  14. Do not be afraid to talk to upperclassmen- We do not usually bite and are actually quite nice.
  15. Be yourself- So cliché, I know, but coming to college is a fresh start and a chance to let the real you be embraced by the people who surround you. You will make lifelong friends during the next four years, who love you for who you are. 


  1. Love the tips Angela! I'll probably share it on my blog... hope that's okay :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine