Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Social Media Etiquette 101: Twitter

How awesome is it that you can follow @twitter on Twitter?
Sending out my opinions to the world in 140 characters or less has come to be a daily activity of mine. It is safe to say that Twitter is probably the most used app on my iPhone. I use it to check out what the buzz is on campus, what is going on with my friends, and also news from around the world.
It is a great tool for getting your voice heard as well as keeping up with current events... however, now that everybody... and I mean EVERYBODY... has a twitter, I think there should be a list made with some guidelines and manners that each person who creates an account should probably follow...
SO... here is the list that I made:
      1.  Subtweeting is tacky and usually uncalled for- Please grow up and face your problems... Literally speak to someone face to face instead of hiding behind computer keys and avatars
      2. #annoying - Please restrain yourself and refrain from using more than 3 sets of hashtags per tweet... These sorts of things can get out of hand real fast and Hashtag Overuse Syndrome,  or HOS, has begun to plague my twitterfeed.
      3. YOU ARE A TWEET REPEATER (and everyone knows it)- If you tweet pretty much daily, as I do, I understand that it is difficult to make every single one of your 4,000 tweets distinct, but please, TRY for the sake of your followers... Now, I know for a fact that I have tweeted the same quote two years in a row, but that is a singular occurrence and it really is a great quote, but if you find yourself tweeting the same thing twice or three times in one month... please know that people have noticed, but probably will not call you out on it... cause they are nice and forgiving
      4. Overtweeting- If you have tweeted 15+ times within an hour, you need to take a step back and maybe find a therapist to talk to... Taking your problems to twitter is free, but it could be a turn off to your followers when they find that you're the one who is clogging up their feed.
      5. TMI- There are really some things that your followers do not need/ do not want to know... know what and when to keep things to yourself.
      6. Followback- I'll be the first to admit that I'm a petty twitter user when it comes to following... when I follow someone who I consider to be a friend or acquaintance, I really do expect a follow back. I actually find it rude when people don't follow me back after a while... and I am not afraid to unfollow them. 
      7. Tweeting at celebrities- If you tweet at your fave celeb six times a day, chances are that I am going to unfollow you.   
      8. Plz stop with ur abbrvtns- If you are an adult, tweet like one (disclaimer: lately, I've been using abbreviations in my tweets purely out of sarcasm... but I'm trying hard to break the habit)
      9. Retweeting Justin Bieber-  enough said ...If you do feel the need to retweet a celebrity that almost the entire human population finds annoying, at least pick a winning tweet.
      10. Apps that tweet for you- Everybody has that one person on their timeline who tracks their workouts with an app and then tweets them every single day... TBPH IDC about your three and a half mile run or the time it took you to run it... 
      Thanks for reading up on what I believe are important twitter manners.

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